Ball Schedule Tonight


Time To Play Ball!

You have found your team. You are ready to sit down and start placing your bets online. You might want to read some of these tips before you do.

1) What Is the Concept of Value?

You are able to recognize the high or low odds of a team winning or losing. The concept of value is something a lot of players and the overall betting public does not understand fully. They assume that the odds are going to be in their favor. They assume that a team is going to win a second time in a row. That is the wrong assumption to make.

“You have to know when to hold’ em. You have to know when to fold’ em. You have to know when to walk away when the deal is done.”
Kenny Rogers

More of the betting public should take Kenny’s advice.

2) Basic Math

This is similar to the line of thought about the concept of value. You should really know basic math before you place a bet. A lot of people either overvalue or undervalue their team’s chances. They lose more than just their shirt. I feel more people would have success if they understood how basic math works in betting. Not every team is going to be a winner.

3) The Bookie

You have to understand how the bookie works the system if you are going to win. Much of the betting public places their trust in their bookie blindly. The bookie is not your best friend. He or she is trying to place the odds against you. They want you to lose because that means they win.

4) The Ugly Duckling

The betting public likes to go after the pretty boy in town. They do not realize the pretty boy is going to let them down. Sometimes you need to place your trust in the ugly duckling to get the results you want.

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